LIGHTNING MCQUEEN A sport car,Lightning McQueen enjoys being fanned by people,and be a winner.


In his first match facing Chick Hicks and King,he show that he does'nt need anyone at all.He skip tire change to avoid being chased.He become advantage 1 lap on others.At final lap,his tires blows because not changed and getting too much air.He draw after leap his tongue to finish line,and company decide to open another match at California.He gets on the truck and seems to glad he not lose.After his truck feels tired after long journey,Lightning says to be together with him to not sleep all night along.Lightning did not accept his promise,and fell asleep.His truck began to sleep as he began again to wake himself multiple times as the gang which along the way decided to "bully" him.Truck accidentally open the back,and get Lightning McQueen at out of nowhere.

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